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South African 

Nuclear Build Platform 

Aligning our industry’s support behind

South Africa’s nuclear build programme.


    Our Goal, Purpose, Policy and Objective     

The South African Nuclear Build Platform is an Advocacy and Campaigning Vehicle

The South African Nuclear Build Platform was established to orientate and align our Local Industry to a Nuclear Build Programme and raise our Public’s awareness and acceptance of Nuclear Energy   

    Our Goal    

To be valued for aligning our local industry to viable opportunities in the nuclear build programme and for raising our public’s awareness and support for nuclear energy.

    Our Purpose    

To orientate our local industry on the value proposition of nuclear energy and gain their support and readiness forSouth Africa’snuclear build programme through our industry platform.

    Our Objective

A fully compliant and approved nuclear build procurement programme, in the hands of preferred nuclear vendors, who see value in engaging our well-aligned local supply chain.     

Our Policy

  • For Industry Members only.  No Nuclear Vendors and SOEs. 

  • For Industry Orientation and Energy Advocacy/Support only. 

  • Professional Conduct and Excellent Stakeholder Relations. 

Our Valuable Product

An approved and sustainable nuclear build procurement programme, in the hands of eligible Nuclear Vendors, who can safely engage our local nuclear supply chain. 

    Co-Spokespersons for the Platform

Des Muller is a Southern African Energy Industry Specialist and Electrical & Power Process Engineer. He has extensive experience in the development and construction of most power generation technologies including: Coal, Gas, Renewables and Nuclear Energy, where he has established a local construction capacity. His business focus is on the local industrialisation of complex energy projects.

Nomso Kana is by trade a Nuclear Scientist. She is also the Governor for the Nuclear Energy Foundation Agency for Africa – a 4IR Commissioner – a Broadband Infrastructure entrepreneur and Technical Advisor. She is active in African youth and women leadership programs where she exposes schoolgirls to world-class STE²M technologies & careers.